TaylorX Delivers Sensational House Single, “Play” [Storm Records]

Starting his musical journey in the EDM scene at 18 after spending his early teenage years as a guitarist in a Metal band, TaylorX began to influence the UK House scene with his bootlegs of charting hits. After falling in love with Dance production and DJing in clubs across the UK, his love for the music never stopped. So far he’s achieved incredible milestones, earning millions of total streams across streaming platforms and garnering a global fanbase.

Now, he’s back with a sensational single, “Play“, signed to Storm Records. “Play” feels like an instant hit, as TaylorX provides a phenomenal piano house arrangement around a beautiful vocal. Whether you’re in the club or at home, “Play” is a song that is utterly irresistible and another great track from this talented artist.

Listen to “Play” by TaylorX below!


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