Martin Scorsese Being Quizzed On Daughter’s TikTok

Martin Scorsese has a daughter named Francesca.

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And now her dad has made an appearance on her account in a video where she shows him pics of typical “feminine” products and he guesses what they are. The Departed was good, but this TikTok is better.


I will probably regret posting this but…. he actually did much better than I thought!!🤣martinscorsese guesstheobjectchallenge fyp greenscreen

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He starts off strong and knows that this is for, “the eyes, you know mascara.”

Then he guessed the beauty blender to be “some sort of cosmetic thing you use,” and she gave him points for that.

And at one point he gets annoyed because DUH HE KNOWS THIS IS A BOBBYPIN, HELLLLUHHHH.

However, he thought these nipple pasties were earbuds.

francescascorsese / / tiktok.com

???????? No offense Mr. Scorsese but what??

He thought this “hair donut” was “some sort of weird pillow.” Which it could be, for a mouse!!!!

francescascorsese / tiktok.com

Mr. Scorsese, do you ever go to your hair and makeup trailers?

But my fav part was his guesses for the menstrual cup.

First he said “Flagon.” I Googled and this is a flagon:

Then he said an “iCup” which at first I thought was a joke like, an iPad or iPhone. But then I Googled again and turns out the cups you pee in at the doctor are called iCups.

Anyway, for a dad he did pretty good. Except for the whole Flagon thing. I hope he makes more appearances soon.

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