Kodak Black’s Sexual Assault Case and Plea Deal, Explained

On April 28, four months after being granted commutation by former President Donald Trump, Kodak Black appeared in court to face charges of rape and sexual assault stemming from a 2016 incident in South Carolina. During his court hearing, the rapper entered a plea deal, pleading guilty to a lesser charge of first degree assault and battery in a sexual assault case involving a young woman in a hotel room. 

“I apologize to Miss [victim’s name] and am hopeful we can all move forward,” Kodak, whose full name is Bill Kapri, said in court. “I wish her the best in her life.”

In a statement to Complex, Kodak’s legal team said, “Today Bill Kapri took a plea to the legal charge of assault, a non sex offense, and received 18 months probation. This was a change of charge from the original charge. Having consistently denied these 5 year old allegations, he entered this plea in order to resolve the matter.”

Wednesday’s hearing marks the end of a drawn out case, which Kodak was originally indicted for in 2017. Due to Kodak’s long history of legal troubles and the length of this particular case, a lot of information has been left out of the conversation and the whole thing has been especially hard to follow. Here is a breakdown of what’s happening in Kodak Black’s ongoing criminal case. 


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