Kaley Cuoco's Transformation Has Left Her Fans Speechless

Kaley Cuoco's Transformation Has Left Her Fans Speechless

Kaley Cuoco certainly doesn’t need to worry about paying her bills anymore. Not after becoming one of television’s highest-paid actors while starring in major television hit The Big Bang Theory. But it hasn’t always been easy for the now-millionaire. As with many actors in Hollywood, she started from the bottom and worked her way up through a series of bit parts and minor roles for years before her Big Bang break. From her time as a child actor appearing alongside Denzel Washington and Jennifer Aniston to landing her star-making role in a sitcom before The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco has transformed before her fans’ eyes.

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Beginnings | 0:00
Tragedy struck | 1:04
Under the knife | 1:54
Dating a co-star | 2:30
Blaming Superman | 3:11
Met her perfect match | 4:00
The sky’s the limit | 4:47

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