How iCarly Addressed Sam Puckett’s Absence

IDK who misses her more, me or Carly.

The first three episodes of the new iCarly reboot dropped on Paramount+ on Thursday, and they finally answered the question we’ve all been asking ourselves since the very first trailer — where on earth is Sam?

In March, Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam, announced that she officially quit acting because she didn’t want to do it in the first place and her career made her “deeply unhappy.

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She also said that she’s embarrassed by a lot of the roles she’s taken and struggled with her mental health as a child actor.

Jennette had valid and important reasons for not returning for the reboot, but because her character was such an integral part of the original series, the show couldn’t just ignore her absence.

Thankfully, I found the answer in the very first episode — but I had to go on quite a journey to get there.

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Spoilers ahead for the first episode of the new iCarly, obviously.

Since we last saw them, Spencer stumbled into artistic grandeur, Freddie moved back in with his mom, and Carly hosted Italian QVC and then went to college. Sam, however, is still MIA.

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It’s also important to note that Freddie’s been married and divorced twice, but not to Sam or Carly.

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The Seddie vs. Creddie ship wars have waned.

At first, Carly is ready to replace Sam as her partner in content and start a new channel with her boyfriend Beau — an idea she thinks he’s going to propose tonight.

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However, they break up instead, and after a month she accidentally tells him she’s starting a channel with a guy she’s gone out with once.

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Freddie tries to convince her that she should start iCarly again by herself, but she doesn’t want to do it without Sam.

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FINALLY, Carly reveals that Sam isn’t in Seattle anymore because she’s “chasing her bliss” with a biker gang called the Obliterators.

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It also seems that she doesn’t really talk to Carly and Freddie anymore, since he doesn’t know how she’s doing. 

But don’t worry — Carly is more concerned for the other bikers’ safety than Sam’s.

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Well, I hope Sam finds happiness traveling the country on her motorcycle, and I hope nothing but the best for Jennette, too.

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Hey, maybe eventually, Cat Valentine will visit and tell the crew all about what Sam’s been up to since leaving their babysitting business for the open road.

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