Heartbreaking Details About Danny DeVito

Heartbreaking Details About Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, having inhabited wild, anarchic, and wildly comic characters for decades in our favorite movies and TV shows. But just because he’s made us laugh doesn’t mean that DeVito’s personal life has been free from struggle. From chronic health conditions and a troubled childhood to relationship difficulties later in life, Danny DeVito is all the more relatable for the challenges he’s faced. Now in his late 70’s, though, DeVito maintains his buoyant personality, so even when he’s dealing with tough personal issues, he never lets him get him down to badly. Here are heartbreaking details about Danny DeVito.

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Born with chronic health condition | 0:00
Raised by alcoholic father | 1:31
Mental health issues | 2:53
Bad luck with restaurant business | 4:16
Divorce after 30 years | 5:41

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