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Lewis Pullman and Clara Rugaard in Press Play.
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You’ve seen time machines that are cars. You’ve seen time machines that are phone booths. You’ve even seen them as hot tubs, spaceships, boxes, and necklaces. But you’ve never ever seen a time travel mixtape. That is, until Press Play.

Press Play is a new film by directed by Greg Björkman and co-written by Björkman and James Bachelor. It stars Lewis Pullman (Bob from Top Gun: Maverick) and Clara Rugaard (I Am Mother) as Harrison and Laura, a couple who seemed destined to be together until tragedy tears them apart. Laura then discovers that a mixtape the couple shared can bring her back in time to see Harrison and, well, we’ll let Laura herself tell you about it in this clip we’re excited to debut here on io9.

io9 Exclusive Clip: PRESS PLAY “Im Not Going Anywhere Without You”

“I’m not going anywhere without you,” Laura says. Is that true? Can she stay back in time? Is there a limit to her traveling? You’ll have to watch Press Play to find out. It opens in select theaters, on-demand, and digital this Friday, June 24.

In addition to Pullman (who I didn’t realize until after Top Gun is the son of Bill Pullman) and Rugaard (I Am Mother is an underrated sci-fi film, check it out on Netflix), Press Play features Lyrica Okano (Marvel’s Runaways), Matt Walsh (Veep), Christina Chang (The Good Doctor), and even the legendary Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon). Here’s the trailer for an even better look.

PRESS PLAY – Official HD Trailer – Clara Rugaard & Lewis Pullman – In Theaters and On Digital 6.24

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