The Mandalorian Season 3 Filming Begins With Carl Weathers

Din Djarin, the Mandalorian (left), and Greef Karga (right) examin a holographic map of a planet.

Mando’s back in action.
Image: Lucasfilm

Could a Metal Men movie really still be happening at DC? Evangeline Lily thinks she’s finally clicked with Hope Van Dyne for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Killer Croc lurks in new teasers for Batwoman. Plus, what’s coming on Supergirl and La Brea. To me, my spoilers!

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Metal Men

In a new interview with Comic Book Movie, Barry Sonnenfeld confirmed he’s still “actively” working on a treatment for a Metal Men movie at DC and Warner Bros.

You know, it’s funny because I am developing Metal Men with Warner Bros. We’re actively working on a treatment for that. For me, it’s not so much a superhero thing as it is world-building. If you look at the work I’ve done, whether it’s The Addams Family, Men in Black, Pushing Daisies, Schmigadoon!, or A Series of Unfortunate Events, it’s all about creating a world. An unusual, slightly off-kilter quirky, different kind of world; that’s what I love doing. It’s not specifically, necessarily superhero, but even in Metal Men, that I am developing, it’s going to be a very specific kind of world. It’s a real-world because I always like things to be reality-based, but slightly with a tilt to that. It all started with The Addams Family which is both real but slightly pushed.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man apparently appears in a Russian Skittles ad tying into No Way Home. Make of this what you will, but personally we can’t believe that Skittles have been confirmed for No Way Home, now.

Ant-Man & The Wasp Quantumania

In conversation with THR, Evangeline Lily revealed she had a “eureka” moment while reading the script for Quantumania and now “finally gets” her character, Hope Van Dyne.

Hope is an odd enigma for me. I wish I could say otherwise because I want to honor her; I want to honor every character I ever play. But the truth is that I find it harder to know and understand Hope than any other character I’ve ever played before. We’re just a little over halfway through. And I will say that after I read the script of the film, I did have a kind of eureka moment; I said to Peyton [Reed], ‘Oh my God, I think I finally get her.’ Three or four films in, I thought, ‘I think I get it now.’ So I’m hoping that when we come to wrap and when I see the movie, I’m going to know the difference. But I don’t think anyone else will. I think I’m a good bluffer. That’s what I do for a living. But I know the difference and I’m hopeful that in this one, I’ll feel like I can watch it and go, ‘Yeah, you had a better handle on her in this one than you ever have before.’ That’s my goal, anyway. That’s my hope.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

A TikTok video from the set of Rise of the Beasts in Peru sees Optimus Prime chased by Scourge, who now boasts several Decepticon, Autobot and Maximal insignias on his grill as trophies.


A man (Corey Johnson) tries to prove the murder his friend (Oded Fehr) is currently serving time for was actually committed by a demon in the trailer for Lair.

The Mandalorian

Carl Weathers also revealed he’s now back on the set of The Mandalorian’s third season.


Comic Book has photos from “Loose Tooth” — the Killer Croc-centric episode of Batwoman airing October 20. More at the link.

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La Brea

Next week’s episode of La Brea promises a giant water snake, mysterious electrocutions and the introduction of a brand-new character.


Supergirl states “failure is not an option” in her battle against Princess Nyxlygsptlnz in he trailer for next week’s episode, “Nightmare In National City”.


Finally, Courtney enters the Twilight Zone in next week’s black-and-white episode of Stargirl.

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