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‘HyperX,’ the popular gaming company that operates under ‘HP inc.,’ is opening a new hotel gaming lounge in collaboration with the ‘Hard Rock Hotel.’ This lounge will be at the Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico and will serve multiple gaming-related purposes.

Firstly, hotel guests and tourists will be able to play video games on a variety of systems equipped with HyperX gaming peripherals. Secondly, this gaming lounge will double as a hub location for tournaments, gaming events, and special appearances from popular gaming personalities.

The ‘HyperX Gaming Lounge Riviera Maya’ features a futuristic design full of geometric elements and simple accents. The design is intended to appeal to the culture of video game fans, so the environment is centered around the single goal of creating an excellent space to play video games.

Image Credit: HyperX, Hard Rock Hotel – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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