Green Lantern’s Finn Wittrock Thinks New Series Will be Epic

Finn Wittrock in American Horror Story

Finn Wittrock in American Horror Story
Image: FX

Green Lantern is getting another chance at life, but this time on the small screen.

It was announced back in October 2020 that a Green Lantern Corps series was greenlit. According to EW, the series is coming to HBO max from producer Greg Berlanti (the King of CW), showrunner Seth Graham-Smith, and Marc Guggenheim are writing and executive producing. In addition to Berlanti, Smith, and Guggenheim, other executive producers include Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter, David Madden, and David Katzenberg, with Elizabeth Hunter and Sara Saedi co-executive producing.

The show will feature several members of the Green Lantern Corps, such as Alan Scott (Jeremy Irvine), Guy Gardner (Finn Wittrock), Jessica Cruz, and Simon Baz, who are two characters that haven’t been cast yet. When Wittrock spoke with EW, he explained the show is “pretty epic” and “will have something for everyone.”

The actor is obviously excited and has a lot of positive things to say about the series. He says, “It is really cool how sprawling a storyline it is. It’s pretty epic. It spans time and space and has something for everyone. It’s not your average superhero story.” He also talked about Guy Gardner’s character at length and described him as “a hulking mass of masculinity” and “an embodiment of 1980s hyper-patriotism.”

The show will take place across time and space, starting in 1941. The 1980s period of the show will have Wittrock’s Guy Gardner is working with half-alien characters and fellow Lantern Bree Jarta. Wittrock adds: “He takes on a lot of this show. He’s a pretty big part of it. I think it’s an interesting way in [to the story]. It’s not the conventional way in, but I think people might see a side of him they didn’t know was there.”

There’s no word on a release date or when the series will begin production. Stay tuned for further details!

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