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Vitamin C-Enriched Facial Serums : Yuza Super Serum

The Yuza Super Serum by Erborian is high in antioxidants and enriched with vitamin C. This new nourishing serum acts as a veil for the skin. Formulated with an ultra-light texture, the Yuza Super Serum emulates freshly squeezed yuzu juice. Erborian’s new product nourishes and protects the skin from drying out. It also protects against external aggressions while maintaining the skin’s natural ecosystem due to its prebiotic ingredients.

Made from yuzu fruit extracts, which make up 80% of the formula, the serum also contains the inulin prebiotic. The yuzu fruit is known for its moisturizing and antioxidant properties and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function. The Uza Super Serum’s ingredients work together to provide the skin with a healthy glow.

Image Credit: Erborian – Style and Fashion Trends

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