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Ultra-Refreshing Body Mists : Refreshing Body Mist

The benefits of Sade Baron’s Fresh Luxe Refreshing Body Mist are two-fold. For one, the product works to deliver soothing hydration to the skin and soften its texture throughout the day. Secondly, the formula’s lightweight and ultra-fine mist delivers a welcomed refreshing feeling which can be a life-saver after a workout or amid a hot day.

The Refreshing Body Mist contains a number of ingredients that nourish the skin. The Aloe Vera Juice is rich in vitamin B complex, folic acid, and vitamin C. The Witch Hazel, on the other hand, is “one of nature’s best astringents” which allows it to reduce any swelling through its cool soothing sensation. Finally, the Orange Blossom really contributes to the sweet smell of citrus blends that makes the product unique.

Image Credit: Sade Baron – Style and Fashion Trends

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