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Triangular Examination Mirrors : examination mirror

Nakey, the creator of the Muff Masque, recently introduced two new mask formulas (The Juicer and The Rehabber) along with a personal examination mirror. The handheld mirror is designed to help people experience and understand their own body in a way that’s comfortable.

The Juicer soothes skin with a combination of aloe, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, shea and reparative Vitamin E. The second newly introduced Muff Masque, The Rehabber, also features aloe but sets itself apart as a solution that relieves discomfort and inflammation with witch hazel and chamomile.

As a female-owned sexual wellness and body product company, Nakey is devoted to challenging conventional standards of beauty and sexuality. With all of these products, the brand is filling gaps within the sexual wellness industry and empowering people to feel their best. – Style and Fashion Trends

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