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Top 60 Fashion for Men Trends

Though the October 2021 men’s fashion trends were certainly diverse and wide-ranging, they did, in large part, appear to be informed by the changing of the seasons. As a result, winter-ready collections and robust sneakers designs were at the forefront of this month’s fashion-related launches.

Interestingly, a standout theme this month came from brands launching new golf apparel collections — a trend that points to their desire to capitalize on the late golf season boon brought on by early fall’s ideal playing temperatures.

Manors Golf released a retro-inspired golf capsule packed with knitwear and old-school caps. Likewise, BEAMS GOLF dropped a unisex collection that boasted a refreshingly stylish assortment of polos and visors. However, the standout release here came from superstar rapper Drake, who debuted his highly-anticipated ‘NOCTA x Nike Golf’ collection.

Elsewhere, stylish, winterized boots were being released by several brands. Standouts include Columbia’s extra-durable ‘Hyper-Boreal Metro Boots’ and Bottega Veneta’s ‘Stride,’ a high-gloss, avant-garde rainboot fit for the runway. – Style and Fashion Trends

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