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Skin In Motion Cool It Mist

Excercise-friendly skincare brand Skin in Motion has introduced Skin in Motion Cool It Mist, a new spray-on product designed to help calm and hydrate post-workout skin.

Developed for those living an active lifestyle, this high-quality cooling mist is perfect for those looking for a quick and lightweight solution for moisturizing their skin following an intense gym session. This hydrating mist is formulated with mint derivatives to provide a soothing, cooling effect, while licorice extract (Glicirretic Acid) is included to reduce exercise-related redness.

Another key ingredient is Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid, which, when delivered in a mist form, can replenish lost moisture while absorbing into the skin quickly and easily. Overall, the Skin In Motion Cool It Mist should appeal to fitness enthusiasts who prefer to avoid rich moisturizers following their workouts.

Image Credit: THG Beauty – Style and Fashion Trends

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