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Recycled Haircare Packaging : Molecular-Recycled Pastic

To bring the haircare industry one step closer to sustainability, P&G’s Herbal Essences partnered with Eastman to package its shampoo and conditioner collection in molecular-recycled plastic. Eastman’s collection of containers dubbed the Eastman Renew material will make Herbal Essences the first of P&G’s brands to use environmentally-friendly material as its primary packaging.

Packaging made from Eastman Renew resins includes 50% certified recycled plastic. The new haircare containers follow an August 2021 agreement between the two brands to collaborate on initiatives that advance the recycling of more materials, thereby encouraging eco-conscious behavior among consumers. To kick off the initiative, five Herbal Essences bio: renew sulfate-free collections will include the upgraded Eatman Renew materials, including the Alow Vera line-up.

Image Credit: Herbal Essences – Style and Fashion Trends

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