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Quick-Absorbing Body Butters : quick-absorbing body butter

The Best Kind is a Black-owned small-batch self-care company from Brooklyn, NY, and its quick-absorbing body butter is designed to soften and rejuvenate with the power of basil and rosemary. Other noteworthy ingredients include grapeseed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and candelilla wax. The beauty product is highlighted as a solution that improves skin tone and the appearance of blemishes, while effectively alleviating irritations and offering protection from the elements.

The quick-absorbing body butter works best on dry or combination skin. For best results, individuals are advised to apply the formula directly onto clean, damp skin. Doing so will help with sealing in the moisture which only heightens the effect of the body butter. Throughout the day, the product can be used as needed.

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