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Poetic Eco Loungewear : Pangaia x Es Devlin

The four-piece Pangaia x Es Devlin capsule collection shares loungewear styles that are mindfully made and adorned with nature-inspired pieces of poetry. The collection as a whole consists of the 365 hoodie, 365 track pants, 365 t-shirt and 365 shorts, and together they remind people to take action on the climate crisis.

The bold color of the garments was intentionally chosen for the way that it “serves as a sensory reminder to take action now,” and its qualities are invigorating and energizing. The apparel designs from the collection are printed with words from Devlin’s Forest of Us installation, which was shown earlier this year at the Superblue Miami gallery.

Proceeds from the sale of the Pangaia x Es Devlin capsule collection support the Instituto Terra non-profit. – Style and Fashion Trends

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