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Photographer-Owned Clothing Labels : ice studios

Renell Medrano, the New York-based photographer renowned for her celebrity photoshoots, has launched the clothing label ‘Ice Studios.’ Ice Studios has debuted with one line of five clothing items up for sale. The five items are a green utility skirt, a stylized brown beanie, orange cargo pants, a sequin bikini, and a T-shirt featuring a headshot of a man.

These five items range from the cost of $60 for the beanie to as much as $250 for the cargo pants. The promotional shoots and modeling shots on Ice Studio’s website were all shot by Medrano herself. The clothing in the debut Ice Studios collection captures different aspects of New York’s pop culture styles as well as ideas from the mind of Medrano.

Image Credit: Renell Medrano, Ice Studios – Style and Fashion Trends

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