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Moisturizing Mineral Water Creams : Cera Spa Cream

ENOUGH Cosmetics is introducing a brand-new Cera Spa Cream that’s deeply moisturizing thanks to the use of 56.9% hot spring water and more than 5% of a Ceramic Complex. This complex is beneficial for blocking harmful substances and strengthening the skin barrier. Thanks to the fact that Belgium’s hot spring water has a low sodium and mineral content, the formula is not irritating for skin that’s young or sensitive, and the safe formula is backed by an EWG green grade.

With products like its collagen moisturizing foundation, the Korean cosmetics brand has grown a following in Russia due to its harsh climate and the way that its products smooth and protect the skin. As such, the brand is not only focused on Russia but also Japan, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. – Style and Fashion Trends

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