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Luxury Salon Experiences : Townhouse

Townhouse recently enlisted the help of Formroom to create a first-of-its-kind flagship experience for the new Harrods Beauty Hall in London. As an industry trailblazer, the salon put great emphasis on the customer experience in a luxurious, contemporary setting.

Aligned with the client’s vision, Formroom opted for a soft and neutral color palette that was complemented by a mix of material textures including boucle, ribbed wood paneling, and plasterwork. The space was designed in the style of one of the most aspirational lofts and townhouses, so it not only had to be luxurious yet welcoming but also aspirational without being uncomfortable. At its center is a fully bespoke, first-of-its-kind nail bar constructed from stone effect Versital, ensuring an ultra-hygienic and durable surface without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

Image Credit: Townhouse – Style and Fashion Trends

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