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Left-Handed Smartwatch Features : wear os

‘Wear OS,’ the operating system created by Google that is used in countless smartwatches today has had one lingering issue since its inception 7 years ago. This is the operating system’s inaccessibility to left-handed wearers. Now, in 2022, Google has updated this operating system to ‘Wear OS 3,’ which will allow for a rotatable screen similar to mobile devices.

With this rotatable screen, the image will be able to flip upside-down and lock in this position. This means that left-handed wearers no longer have to either bite the bullet and wear a smartwatch on their right arm or struggle to view the screen when wearing the watch on their left arm.

One caveat to this upgrade, though, is that Google has only announced this feature as a part of its newest smartwatches. There is still uncertainty surrounding whether this will be available for existing smartwatch owners, though this implementation would save many consumers a great deal of money.

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