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G-SHOCK Grunge Snow Camouflage Series

The G-SHOCK Grunge Snow Camouflage Series is a new lineup of timepieces for those looking for a way to elevate their winter style and stay agile in the snowy or icy conditions. The collection has a total of four models to choose from including the GAE-2100, the DW5600, the GA-2200 and the GA-900. Each of the styles are focused on different shapes and functions to suit wearers in need of a dependable yet simple timepiece or one that is paired with more advanced features.

The G-SHOCK Grunge Snow Camouflage Series draws design inspiration from the winter landscape and makes use of both white as well as darker tones to make each one a stylish addition to an existing collection.

Image Credit: Michael Kusumadjaja – Style and Fashion Trends

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