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Durable Lightweight Hats : Sunflower Washable Paper Hat

Kyle Hawley’s ‘Sunflower Washable Paper Hat’ is the perfect accessory for any outdoor activity. The hats are lightweight and durable despite being made from paper. The hats sport a bright and cheerful design with yellow sunflowers on a brown base.

Consumers can fold or roll up the hat when they are not using it for compact traveling or storage. If the hat is crumpled, it can be smoothed out with a spritz of water or a damp cloth, and if it gets too dirty, can be thrown into a washing machine.

Each of the hats are handmade by Kyle, who uses 100% natural cellulose fiber to create them. Due to their handmade nature, each item is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Image Credit: Kyle Hawley, Uncommon Goods – Style and Fashion Trends

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