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Distressed Leather Biker Jackets : PAST MADE

Japanese fashion label HUMAN MADE has unveiled a new retro-focused series called ‘PAST MADE’ that aims to celebrate past designs by reworking archival pieces. According to the company, the series will be guided by the notion that “the Future is in the Past.”

The first piece to be included in the new series is the Leather Riders Jacket, which most notably arrives donning a Tiger illustration in the brand’s signature style. The bold graphic is printed on the back of the jacket alongside white “HUMAN MADE” lettering and the phrase “gears for futuristic teenagers” written in a white cursive font.

In addition, the jacket features silver zippers that run diagonally across the front, branded buttons on the pockets and collars, old-school shoulder pads, and a biker badge on the right sleeve. The Leather Riders Jacket is currently being offered in dark blue and black cowhide leather, both of which have been distressed to create a distinctly vintage aesthetic.

Image Credit: Human Made – Style and Fashion Trends

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