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Data-Collecting Wearable Intimates : performance intimates products

WHOOP’s line of Performance Intimates products is part of its WHOOP Body collection. The Body collection includes wearable performance gear to monitor the body’s function during fitness activities and throughout the day. WHOOP now offers a Performance Thong, made with Ply Lycra fabric and elastic waistband, and the Everyday Shorty, made with Prima-cotton blend fabric and an elastic waistband.

Both new items include the brand’s patented Any-Wear Technology that enables members to wear the WHOOP 4.0 for continuous data collection. The intimates allow data collection across multiple locations on the body when used in combination with other WHOOP Body products. The technology is an advanced 24/7 fitness and health coach that keeps track of key physiological metrics during recovery, sleep, and training. Moreover, the technology provides personalized recommendations and actionable feedback for every user.

Image Credit: WHOOP – Style and Fashion Trends

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