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Color-Changing Blush Oils : blush oil

Youthforia’s BYO BLUSH is making its debut as the world’s first color-changing blush oil and it boasts a universally flattering formula that’s suited to all skin types and tones. The product is not just beautifying, as it’s infused with 20 plant-based antioxidant-rich oils to enhance the health of skin over time. According to the brand, ” our founder slept in BYO Blush for two months during testing and woke up with nicer skin.”

Some of the immensely nourishing extracts that can be found in the pigmented blush oil come from the eggplant fruit, turmeric root, melon fruit, willow bark and more. When it comes to using the finger-friendly cosmetic, the brand recommends dabbing dots onto the cheeks and blending it in. The versatile product can be mixed into foundation for a tonal effect, applied like a highlight or blended with concealer to create a color corrector. – Style and Fashion Trends

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