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Cactus-Based Vegan Handbags : Cactus Leather Handbag Collection

Arizona-based golf brand PXG has unveiled its eco-friendly Cactus Leather Handbag Collection, a concise capsule consisting of six different bag styles, all centered around the brand’s founding location and design philosophy.

The collection includes a tote bag, backpack, crossbody bag, duffle bag, phone case, and sling bag. All six of the offerings focus on sustainability and are therefore constructed from vegan Desserto® leather made from nopal cacti. As a result, the bags and accessories deliver a soft, plant-based PVC texture that is entirely heavy-metal free. In addition, the process used to create the items works to minimize the use of water and unnecessary energy, adding to the brand’s sustainability-focused ethos.

“Striving to constantly improve our sustainability efforts made working with Desserto a natural choice for this collection,” says Renee Parsons, President and Executive Creative Director of PXG.

Image Credit: PXG – Style and Fashion Trends

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