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Board Game-Inspired Eyeshadows : hipdot

The beauty brand HipDot launched a line of eyeshadow palettes inspired by quarantine activities. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many turned to classic board game activities to keep busy while in isolation. Game night classics, such as Monopoly, once again became family favorites. Playing off this board game revival, HipDot designed eyeshadow palettes after some of the most popular children’s games. The brand collaborated with toy company Hasbro to create the HipDot x Game Night collection.

The collection features three unique palettes inspired by Monopoly, Ouija, and Play-Doh. The Monopoly Money Moves Palette retails for USD 30 and resembles the real-life Monopoly game board. It comes complete with 14 pigmented colors all placed in the spot of the board game’s most popular ‘properties.’ The Ouija Palette and Play-Doh Super Color Palette equally mimic the aesthetic of their real-life board game.

The HipDot x Game Night palettes make applying makeup playful and nostalgic.

Image Credit: Hasbro – Style and Fashion Trends

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