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Bacteria-Targeting Serums : Phage Serum

The skin’s microbiome is made up of a mix of the good and bad bacteria and the Ellis Day Skin Science Hydrating Phage Serum is a product that’s useful for “eradicating problem bacteria and enabling good bacteria to thrive.” The serum is the first skincare product of its kind that has been clinically proven to reduce blemishes and breakouts, as well as redness and irritation with skin-native antibacterial phages.

Although leading bacteriophage researchers discovered the power of these micro-organisms in the early 1900s, these superpowered skincare ingredients are emerging as powerful solutions for those irritated by breakouts, breakouts and the redness and inflammation associated with them.

The free-from formula is easy to fit into a skincare routine after cleansing and before applying moisturizer. – Style and Fashion Trends

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