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Wedding-Specific Dating App Features : Plus One

Popular dating app Tinder has announced that it will be introducing a new feature called ‘Plus One’ that looks to provide users a new way to find a date for weddings. Through ‘Plus One,’ users will be able to broadcast that they are in search of a date for a wedding, or alternatively, can signal that they would like to be one.

The new feature is offered as part of Tinder’s recently launched ‘Explore’ page, which diversifies the Tinder experience and produces more accurate matches. In addition, Tinder has partnered with WeddingWire, a wedding planning company, to launch a new ‘Wedding Grant’ giveaway for single guests. As part of the grant, the first 100 Tinder users to sign up for ‘Plus One’ will receive $460 towards the costs associated with wedding attendance.

Image Credit: Tinder – Social Media Trends

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