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Traditionally Made Narrative Alcohols : Copper in the Clouds

Every spirit that Copper in the Clouds makes originates from the same question, “What story do we want this liquid to tell?”

The alcohol takes the essence from a story and translates it into different flavor profiles, aromas, and packaging. The gins range from 20% to 43% ABV and come in flavors like ‘Lychee and Raspberry,’ ‘Mango and Black Pepper,’ ‘Flowerbomb,’ ‘Marmalade,’ ‘Pineapple and Basil,’ and ‘Prickly Pear and Mandarin’ to name a few. They come in individual bottles, mini gift sets, and offer an ‘Interactive Gin Tasting Set by In House tasting.’

Copper in the Clouds uses traditional techniques distilling its products using two flame-fired copper pot stills and macerates the botanicals to extract more intense flavors and aromas. Each bottle is hand-dipped in wax and packaged for consumers to purchase.

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