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Poetic Generative Art : Whistlegraphs

Whistlegraphs are a fairly new form of generative art created by combining storytelling, poetry, painting, and music.

Whistlegraph is, “a team of artists and performers who love drawing,” consisting of Jeffrey (who invented the Whistlegraph), Camille, and Alex.

Whistlegraphs are short memorable stories and/or poems that follow notes and rhythms that then direct the movement of the hand to create an image that can be produced the same over and over again.

Each Whistlegraph is essentially a graphical score or notation that can be performed by anyone (artist or audience) to produce the same image.

Whistlegraphs have gained a following online and a community thanks to social media. The trend has become especially popular on TikTok due to its short and easy-to-follow video format.

Image Credit: Whistlegraph – Social Media Trends

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