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Music App Discovery Features : music app features

‘Spotify’ has been release a large number of music app features as of late. The most recent feature is ‘Spotify Discover,’ a scrolling feed of music videos on Spotify’s mobile application. The user interface of Spotify Discover is seemingly TikTok-Inspired with a full-screen video, four buttons at the bottom of the screen, and a convenient ‘Like’ feature. To scroll from one video to the next is as easy as a swipe up the screen, and to return to the previous video is a simple swipe down.

The feed is generated out of user statistics and songs that have a ‘Canvas’ music video associated with them. Canvas is the tool on Spotify that allows musicians to create or upload a video to pair with their songs. Canvas and Discover are features that cement Spotify as more than just a music streaming app, but a music discovery app and a true multimedia platform.

Image Credit: Tero Vesalainen, Chris Messina – Social Media Trends

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