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Interactive Fantasy Fiction Books : curious readers

The Octunnumi is a book for curious readers. This interactive fantasy fiction book invites its readers to find out what it is hiding.

The book claims to have a mystery to solve and a story that says it doesn’t exist. It comes with an explanatory booklet to guide its readers through this experience. Its interactive transmedia storytelling uses different mediums to intrigue its readers. It combines the new and old technologies like AR and paper to create an immersive experience, blending the real world and fiction.

The Octunnumi is a twelve-book series, but ‘The Custodian Edition’ is the only book currently available for purchase. ‘The Letter Collection’ is also available, which consists of letters mentioned in the book. Both can be purchased on The Octunnumi website and for every copy of the book that is sold, a donation goes towards supporting the Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries.

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