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It’s common knowledge that many social media apps employ deliberately addictive interfaces and designs to keep people engaged on their platforms often at the cost of their own self-esteem whilst also bombarding them with advertisements based on their private data, which is precisely why Michigan-based innovator Daniel Kastner is launching Ruva, an app with an alternative mission.

Designed to promote healthy social media use, the Ruva app does not have ‘like’ buttons, doesn’t make use of never-ending timeline scrolling and doesn’t subject users to unpredictable presentations of posts. What’s more, this social media app doesn’t even have publicly accessible profiles, instead enabling people to add friends using private links to ensure that people are only connected with others who they know and trust.

This social media app also does not use advertisements, which ensures that users do not get reduced to marketing targets. Rather, the app aims to make money by selling digital customizations to users and potentially offering premium features for a fee.

Given increasing awareness around the hazards of social media use, the introduction of Ruva to the social media landscape is a welcome and timely move.

Image Credit: Ruva – Social Media Trends

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