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The Fairytale Files Interactive Murder Mysteries

‘The Fairytale Files Interactive Murder Mysteries’ takes classic fairytales and adds a murder mystery twist for players to enjoy. The two fairytales that the game takes inspiration from are Cinderella for The Cinderella Murders and Snow White for The Curious Case of The Poisoned Apples. Players must uncover the mysteries and find the murderers in these two tales.

Each murder mystery game comes with suspect cards, adventure cards, a crime scene, “The Fairyland Chronicles” newspaper, a letter from the Magical Mishaps Agency, an evidence pack, and a unique messaging system to talk to your team on the ground.

The Fairytale Files Interactive Murder Mysteries is a perfect party game or indoor activity to do with the family. Fairytale lovers and game enthusiasts can purchase the interactive murder mystery game on the Uncommon Goods website.

Image Credit: Uncommon Goods

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