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Succession’s Karl and Frank Have Quietly Become the Show’s Premier Power Couple

I want to talk a little bit about how Karl and Frank see each other. Peter—what do you think Frank thinks of Karl?

PF: I think he suffers him, but depends on him to take the hit when Frank doesn’t want to, maybe. He knows he’ll get swatted first. I rarely stick my neck out and when I do, I get slapped. I’ll take care of this and Logan says, “Nope, get out of here.” But I know that Karl might do that first.

DR: Well, I mean, another part of things is that, I mean, I can’t speak for Peter, but my sense of Karl has always been that despite everything else, there is a very deep and intense loyalty to Logan. I know which side my bread is buttered on, but over and above that, I always feel like a protector—don’t get near him because I’ll kill you.

PF: Wow.

DR: Of course, despite the fact that we’re not members of the family, trying to please daddy is always [the priority.]

PF: Are we trying to please daddy?

DR: I’m saying we’re not the kids, but I mean, that’s always part of the element. I guess I think that Frank is more vulnerable to Logan’s shots. He takes more shots at Frank.

Do you think Karl and Frank like each other?

DR: My answer is yes, but he could say something else.

PF: Would we go out for a drink together, do you think?

DR: I would say yes, definitely, because we spend a lot of time together. We go to a lot of places together. We eat together a lot. We know each other’s families. I mean this has been, what, 20 years? I don’t know how long they figure it, but it’s a very long time, through thick and thin. If you look at that scene on the airplane that you referenced before, I mean, that’s two people who are communicating on a very deep level, with very few words, and everybody knows exactly what the other person is saying. That’s two people who have a connection that they’re able to communicate that way.

PF: In their professional sphere. But I think outside of that, I don’t know that I’d seek Karl out.

DR: You’re making a mistake. You’re making a mistake. Karl’s a great guy.

I think that that speaks so much to who they are as characters, though, because Karl does have this—I don’t want to use the phrase puppy dog, but he does seem like he’d be like, “We could go out to dinner. That would be good.” Frank has that hardness to him where he’s like, “No, I don’t want to go out with you.”

DR: If I have to, I will.

What do you think it is that endears viewers to Karl and Frank?

DR: Well, it could be the eye of the beholder. I would… Wait, go ahead. I’ll think of something. Who am I thinking of? Go ahead. Peter, go.


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