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Self-Expression Encouraging Campaigns : new window

GIPHY, the popular online platform for GIF images, has launched ‘New Window,’ an art installation in New York City. New Window is meant to be a unique GIF-format take on the ‘holiday windows’ across NYC. Holiday windows are a common trend in cities as they allow for fun, festive experiences without any financial or time commitments.

The New Window installation was designed by Sam Cannon, an artist based in Dorset, England. This installation is meant to encourage self-expression and inclusion through an immersive, looping experience. The art scene features several panels displaying GIFs of Sam’s art creations in a blue-lit room with several other screen panels for added artistic expression. Cannon stated that her inspiration for New Window was the idea of the unknown and the collective loss of control that humans experience.

New Window is available for viewing now, as it opened on December 20th, and it will remain open until January 14th. It is located at 2 Rivington St, New York City.

Image Credit: GIPHY, Sam Cannon

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