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Naruto Boruto Mystery Snack Box

Naruto fans will be excited to know that IT’SUGAR’s newest snack box is the Naruto Boruto Mystery Snack Box. IT’SUGAR considers itself a candy ‘retailtainer,’ mixing entertainment and specialty candies to appeal to various consumers.

The box design features Naruto and his first child Boruto surrounded by various snacks appealing to fans of all ages. The snack box includes an array of mystery snacks potentially containing chips, cookies, candies, crackers, different KitKat flavors, and ramune drinks, all inspired by the famous Hidden Leaf Village ninjas.

It is the perfect gift for the anime and manga lover in your life or for yourself. The Naruto Boruto Mystery Snack Box costs $45.00 and can be purchased on the IT’SUGAR website.

Image Credit: IT’SUGAR

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