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Mutating Bat NFTs : CryptoBatz

Ozzy Ozbourne is getting into the realm of non-fungible tokens with his first-ever NFTs called CryptoBatz, which set themselves apart as digital assets that can mutate and breed. The digital collectibles from the heavy metal icon reference a moment on stage when the musician bit the head off of a bat. Each of the NFTs has the power to bite another NFT to create a new creature called a MutantBat.

There are 9,666 CryptoBatz in the range, inlcuding AncientBatz that are rare treasures for collectors. While regular CryptyBatz can only bite once, AncientBatz can bite up to 99 times, which means that they have the unique ability to breed nearly 100 MutantBatz each. The in-demand AncientBatz are said to be individually designed by some of the most renowned artists of the world.

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