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Holiday Murder Mystery Games : Masters of Mystery

Spice up your holiday party with one of ‘Masters of Mystery’s Holiday Murder Mystery Game Kits.’ Players can choose between ‘A Christmas Crime Murder Game Kit,’ the ‘Polar Express Christmas Train Murder Mystery Game Kit,’ and the ‘Office Christmas Sweater Party Murder Mystery Game Kit.’ Each has its own holiday-themed plotline and can last from around 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours. Consumers can get their entire family involved as each game requires between 4-20 players.

What is great about Masters of Mystery games is that people can play them both in-person and online through video calling platforms, which is great to know with the pandemic still ongoing and social distancing rules are applied. Consumers can bring a challenge to the next holiday party with one of these Masters of Mystery’s Holiday Murder Mystery Game Kits, available on the Masters of Mystery website.

Image Credit: Masters of Mystery

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