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Food-Safe Board Game Dice : ice dice

With the name ‘Ice Dice,’ this Kickstarter project showcases a 20-sided dice that doubles as an ice cube for a drink. This dice is not made out of frozen water, rather it is made out of sleekly polished obsidian. The dice itself is available in two designs, ‘LichKing,’ and ‘IceDragon.’ Each of these designs are reminiscent of ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’ the popular tabletop game they are intended to be used with.

To chill the Ice Dice, simply place them in the freezer until they are cold, then place them in your beverage to ensure it stays just as cold. The pure polished obsidian that the dice are made out of is food-safe and safe to keep in a drink for long periods of time. Whether winning a stellar victory or drowning your sorrow-ridden defeat, the Ice Dice will ensure that your drink stays fresh.

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