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Exclusive Plush Toys : exclusive Squishmallow

Squishmallows, the popular squishy plush toy, has recently released an exclusive Canadian Squishmallow at Indigo named Horace the Yeti.

Each Squishmallow has its own name, personality, interests, and storyline, bringing the characters to life. Horace the Yeti is an 8-inch Squishmallow who loves to play games. He has a whole room “with floor-to-ceiling shelves of games and a variety of personalized playing cards, he knows how to have fun.”

Started in 2017 by KellyToys, Squishmallows now has over 1,000 plush characters in styles like Hug Mees, Stackables, Mystery Squad, Flip-A-Mallows, seasonal and exclusive Squishmallows for consumers to collect. Squishmallows also come in various sizes ranging from 3.5-inch clip-on keychains to extra large 24 inches plush toys.

Horace, the exclusive Squishmallow, is available in-store or online on the Indigo website.

Image Credit: Indigo

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