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Decentralized Cultural Apps : Hidden New York

Hidden New York & Research is a brand that developed from a simple social media presence, into a cultural ground for hip, new, and vintage art and style. Hidden is under operation exactly as the name suggests – the owner(s) of the brand have not revealed their personal information which intensifies the impact they have had on upholding standards of style.

Hidden has ventured off into Hidden Rsrch, a blogging stream for Hidden to promote, comment, and write about fashion and culture trends. They have also created Hidden PPF – Past, Present, Future – a clothing channel for their fans and community to support all on their own. This community is not only buying brands clothing but also involved with the process of creating and designing them.

Hidden New York has created a decentralized community. A group of unknown, with a community behind that, supporting and building culture together.

Image Credit: Hidden’s Instagram

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