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BAM Exclusive Disney Pop! Vinyl

The ‘BAM Exclusive Disney Pop! Vinyl – Glow in the Dark Cheshire Cat’ is as unique as the character it portrays. The Cheshire Cat is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which has seen many media adaptions since its release.

The design of the vinyl Cheshire Cat figurine comes from the Disney adaptation. The Chesire Cat stands on its tail and has illuminating features — its eyes and distinctive mischievous grin — that glow when put in the dark. The figure takes inspiration from the cat’s tendency to vanish, leaving only its eyes and mouth visible.

Collectors and Alice in Wonderland fans can expect the BAM Exclusive Disney Pop! Vinyl – Glow in the Dark Cheshire Cat to drop sometime in early 2022 and can be preordered now on the Books-A-Million online store.

Image Credit: Books-A-Million, Funko, Disney

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