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Adorable Cartoon Lamps : lightweight and adorable

For those looking for an intriguing way to brighten up any space, Smoko offers an array of lightweight and adorable lighting options.

Consumers can pick lights shaped like dumplings, bubble tea, frogs, mushrooms, cats, pancakes, unicorns, and potatoes. Each one has an adorable face and its own name, like Kai Mushroom, Frankie Frog, Lil B Dumpling, and Tayto Potato. The lights come in different styles, sizes, and colors.

Somoko offers both USB plug-in and battery-operated versions of its lamps and lights. Somoko also has light-up keychains, and booklights are also available. The lamps are made with ABS Plastic and use LED bulbs.

These adorable Smoko’s lights are available to purchase online and in select retailers, including Urban Outfitters.

Image Credit: Somoko

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