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50’s Pop Star-Themed Whiskeys : Grain & Barrel Spirits

South Carolina-based spirit maker Grain & Barrel Spirits have announced the launch of the ‘Elvis’ range, a new line of whiskeys that pay tribute to the beloved musician, Elvis Presley. The range features two new expressions — a rye and a classic whiskey — both with a 45% ABV.

The ‘Elvis Rye’ is an Indiana-style rye delivering a distinct grassy taste with notes of citrus and spice, while the palate features toasted oak, vanilla wafers, pepper, and butterscotch flavors. Alternatively, the ‘Elvis Whiskey’ is a Tennesse straight whiskey that presents unique flavors including maple, Granny smith apple, caramel, and crème brûlée. In addition, it offers aromas of toasted oak, citrus, apple, and sweet corn.

Both offerings were bottled in Tennesse, the home state of the iconic musician, and feature unique orange and blue artworks.

Image Credit: Grain & Barrel Spirits

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