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Vegan QSR Expansions : Odd Burger expansion 1

Odd Burger, the public plant-based fast-food chain, recently announced a new franchise agreement in Calgary, Alberta. The new expansion marks the first venture in the West coast, helping to position the business as a global brand. Currently, Odd Burger boasts locations in Toronto, London, Windsor, and Vaughan, with two additional locations in Waterloo and Hamilton opening shortly.

Odd Burger is in a unique position to help disrupt the fast-food industry. Its affordable, sustainable plant-based foods mimic traditional fast-food items that many customers know and love, albeit with a cruelty-free twist. The brand proudly produces all its proprietary plant-based proteins and dairy alternatives in a manufacturing facility located in London, Ontario–ensuring all its restaurants maintain the same exceptional food quality.

As more consumers opt to follow a plant-based lifestyle, we can expect to see more ventures that focus on veganism emerge.

Image Credit: Odd Burger – New Ventures and Start Ups

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