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Treasury Bill Investment Apps : investment app

I-Invest is an innovative new investment app that is designed to help Nigerian users invest their money in treasury bills, which have long been prized for the exceptionally high degree of security and peace of mind that they offer.

Available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store, this particular investment app also lets users go about investing in other assets that range from equities and fixed deposits to commercial papers, with all the opportunities regulated and vetted by the Securities and Exchange Commission, guaranteeing full legality and maximum reliability.

What’s more, the I-Invest investment app has a decidedly low barrier to entry, with users able to get started on their investment journey for as little as 10,000 Nigerian naira, which equates to less than $25, and top out their investments at a million naira, or around $2,400.

Image Credit: I-Invest – Business Trends

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